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Fashionable Beverages is the exclusive on-line store for Sun Tzu Corp. We offer all Sun Tzu Corp products that are available to retail customers for sale. Some items may not be available in single serving size and therefore are only available to distributors and not direct retail customers.

About Sun Tzu Corp:

Sun Tzu Corp. (STZU) is a New Age Beverage Company based in Amsterdam, New York. Sun Tzu owns multiple brands and packages within the New Age category and supplies these brands to beverage wholesalers for distribution. Sun Tzu Corp. (STZU) is also a master distributor for innovative New Age Beverages that act in harmony with our existing portfolio

Sun Tzu Corp. (STZU) began test marketing our flag ship product, Sun Tzu Energy Drink, over 4 years ago. During our test markets we learned that the largest growth in the popularity of energy drinks took place on-premise, mixed with alcohol, and grew from there to the main stream. With this in mind, we developed a product designed to gain success in the on-premise market, focusing on the deficiencies of our competitors. Which lead us to develop the "Super Premium Mixing Category".

Sun Tzu Corp. (STZU) has two distinct divisions:

  1. On-Premise or Restaurant, Bar and Night Clubs.
  2. Off-Premise or Convenience Stores, Grocery Chains, and Club Stores.

The On-Premise Division focuses on our line of Super Premium Mixers: Sun Tzu Energy Drink, Havana Nights Mojito Mixer, Jack Frost's Original Mint Soda, and Green Faerie Absinthium Elixir. All of our products are available for the on premise market in a fountain delivery system, through a post mix dispensing gun, as well as in bottle and can for lower volume accounts. Focusing on the fountain distribution has gained our company increased success and volume. With the addition of our innovative Frozen Un-carbonated Beverage (FUB) and Frozen Carbonated Beverage (FCB) segment, for on premise, our products have no equal.

The Off-Premise Division consists of products designed to provide a benefit to the consumer. With "Functional" being the "it" word of the category, our products are functional beverages based on long lasting lifetime trends. Rather than falling into the norm of having a product that is hot now and gone tomorrow, we design products that take advantage of trends, but are designed around long running lifestyle choices. Our off-premise brands include Sun Tzu Energy Drink, Krank2O Caffeinated Water, and Jack Frost's Original Mint Soda.